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Liven up your event with exciting and fun BAHIA ALEGRIA dancers!

  • Be dazzled by fabulous costumes – authentic from Rio de Janiero – with stunning jeweled bikinis and amazing feather head pieces! See the girls shake it to the beats of Rio carnival!
  • Feel the rhythem of live drumming and amazing Capoeira techniques (A Brazilian martical art mixing fighting skills, dance and acrobatics!)
  • Enjoy sexy and energetic displays of Bahian dance (similar style to what is taught in classes with strong Afro-Brazilian flavor) as the cheaky choreographies demonstrate another success of Brazilian culture many guests might not have seen before!

BAHIA ALEGRIA SHOWS can be altered to match any occasion of any size.  Please use the options below as a guideline.  All shows can include a final song and dance encouraging audience participation to really allow guests to get involved, feel and experience Alegria from Bahia (Happiness from Bahia, Brazil).

  • SAMBA SHOW: Samba showgirls entertaining guests with choreographed samba routines and freestyle dancing… (10mins) Split to various sets if desired.
  • SAMBA SHOW & LIVE DRUMMING: Ladies are combined with male drummers  to add even more explosive sound. (15mins)
  • BRAZILIAN DANCE COMPELATION: Samba dance performance with additional dances and costume changes demonstrating various styles of Brazilian culture focusing on the high energy and tropical rhythems. (20minns – also split to various sets if desired).
  • BRAZILIAN DANCE EXTRAVAGANZA. The ultimate night of Brazilian entertainment! Be amazed by  the combination of various dances and costume changes as well as  live drumming and capoeira performances!!  Capoeira is a incredible martical-art/dance style loaded with acrobatics to stun your crowd! (approx 30mins- various sets available).
Brazilian Dance Shows and Entertainment Gold Coast Brisbane

Liven up your event with exciting and fun BAHIA ALEGRIA dancers!

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